Lam Hong is an Authorised Distributor of Gunnebo Industries Products.

Gunnebo Industries® is a global leading brand in the lifting and material handling industries. These well-known and innovative solutions, including chain and lifting components, shackles, and lashing products, are established in the market as premium quality that provide outstanding safety. Through the years, Gunnebo Industries products have become today’s standard.

Chain, lifting components, and shackles are manufactured in Sweden and Norway and exceed safety standards. The production process is, from several aspects, unique. Gunnebo Industries branded products are manufactured in accordance with the major industry standards, and all products are marked for full traceability back to the source of raw material. In addition, every chain link and individual lifting component is proof loaded to a minimum of two times the working load limit and visually inspected by expert personnel.

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GrabiQ Sling Components
(Grade 10)

Coupling Links

Master Links


Classic Components
(Grade 8)

Coupling Links

Master Links


Lifting Points

Eye Lifting Point

Weldable Lifting Point

Screw-On Lifting Point

Shackles & Rigging

Dee & Bow Shackle

Mooring Shackle

ROV Shackle


Grade 10 Chain

Grade 8 Chain

Long Link Chain

Lashing Components

Chain Tensioner

Lashing Chain

Chain Shortener

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