Lam Hong is an Authorised Distributor of Crosby Products.

Trusted for more than 130 years, Crosby is the world leader in rigging, lifting, and material handling hardware. Crosby sets the standard for quality, training, and technical expertise in the field.

When you choose Crosby you are guaranteed more than superior products; you are guaranteed the quality assurance that comes with comprehensive risk management, world-class training programs, and a customer service and technical service team committed to exceeding expectations.

It’s not just about lifting products, it’s about working with a trusted partner who is invested in your success. We look forward to providing you the resources you need to lead with confidence and without compromise in a superbly engineered world.

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Bolt Type Shackle
Round Pin Shackle
Screw Pin Shackle

Load Monitoring
(Straightpoint & BlokCam)

Radiolink Plus
Wireless Loadshackle
Clamp On Line Tensionmeter


Hand Chain Hoists
Lever Hoists
Plain/Geared Trolleys

Hooks & Swivels

Eye Hook
Shank Hook
Hook Latch Kit

Master Links

Master Link
Master Link Assembly
Weldless Ring

Chains & Accessories

Alloy Chain
Connecting Link
Master Link Assemblies

Wire Rope End Fittings

Wire Rope Clip
Wedge Socket
Spelter Socket


ROV Shackle
ROV Hook
ROV Shank Hook

Synthetic Sling Fittings

Web Connector
Web Sling Shackles
Synthetic Sling Hooks


Eye & Eye Turnbuckles
Jaw & Eye Turnbuckles
Jaw & Jaw Turnbuckles

Lifting Points

Eye Bolts
Swivel Hoist Rings
Weld-On Pivot Links

Lifting Clamps

Vertical Lifting Clamps
Horizontal Lifting Clamps
Beam Lifting Clamps

Load Securement

Load Binder
Clevis Link

McKissick Sheaves

Roll-Forged™ Sheaves
Fabricated Sheaves
Closed Die Forged Sheaves

McKissick Blocks

Snatch Blocks
Tubing Blocks
Construction Blocks

“When buying Crosby, you’re buying more than product, you’re buying Quality.”

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